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CTPP2 library is avaliable in source and several binary formats.
Source tarball includes:

  • source of CTPP2 library
  • command-line tools (template compiler, template interpreter and CTPP vierttual machine
  • examples in C++
  • example templates
  • test suite
Current stable version avaliable here: http://ctpp.havoc.ru/download/

Binary packages are available for CentOS Linux and Debian GNU/Linux distributions here: http://ctpp.havoc.ru/download/binaries/Linux/

FreeBSD distributuion available in FreeBSD ports tree.

If you have questions and/or bug reports, please contact reki@reki.ru.

We strongly recommend the use of latest stable version of CTPP!

Copyright © 2003 - 2008 CTPP Dev Team.